WORTH REPEATING: The Biggest Brother


I’m sure the big-brothersepia.jpgbreaking news that Philly is about to sprinkle our fair city with an armada of security cameras (250, to be exact) will have all types of panties bunched by 3PM – but fear not, oh Big Brother player haters; this venture is being brought to you by the city AND Unisys, which can only mean the project will be completely fucked by December.

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COMMENTS: Before the crack-dealer guild gets all up in arms, let’s keep in mind this is the same firm that allowed a computer with sensitive personal/medical information about 3800 veterans to walk out the door of its Reston, VA, facility. That’s right. The company that bills itself as the “Zero Gap Security” specialists (meaning, they can secure your operation from the perspective of physical AND virtual security) allowed a boatlod of VIRTUAL data to PHYSICALLY walk out of its own building. And they say irony is dead. Pshaw.
Posted by: Rubberneck* at Oct 22, 2007 2:46:38 PM

*We have it on good authority that Rubberneck is a former Unisys employee
[Hat tip to WOOK]

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