WTF: Joey Sweeney Learns To Drive?

INQUIRER: Northern Liberties was the scene of extensive car carnage last night, as an out-of-control driver swiped about 20 vehicles along Second Street, according to area residents. The accident unfolded when avanvscopcar.gif maroon Buick LaSabre sped south on Second Street, according to doctoral student Michelle Renee Chyatte, 32, a former freelance reporter, who talked with witnesses and police at the scene last night. The accidents began at Second and George, when the LaSabre struck a car trying to make a turn and spinning it into a fence. The driver, dazed or trapped, didn’t get out for about 20 minutes until after the police assisted, she said. The LaSabre apparently then started sideswiping cars along the street, as its driver, instead of stopping, kept driving, perhaps trying to get away. At one point, he tried to flee on foot, but was apprehended by police, before being taken to a hospital for treatment, police told her, she said. MORE

*Joey Sweeney is an infamous non-driver, he lives in used to live in Northern Liberties, hence the misleadingly jokey headline, which he will invariably consider ‘beneath’ him, to which we will invariably respond, ‘too fuckin’ bad’ etc.

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