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Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, talks about his book I Am America (And So Can You!) and his successful television show.The former correspondent and contributor to The Daily Show created hiscolbert-finger.gif own Emmy-nominated late-night show to parody Bill O’Reilly’s The O’Reilly Factor. In I Am America, Colbert targets race, religion, sports and the American family as well as more mundane topics like breakfast cereal.

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Three Philadelphia funeral home directors were charged last week with selling bones and tissues from the deceased without permission from the donor or his or her family. We talk about the case and the growing legitimate and black market trade in human body parts with WILLIAM SHERMAN of the New York Daily News, ANNIE CHENEY, author of Body Brokers: Inside America’s Underground Trade in Human Remains, and law professor and ethicist MICHELE GOODWIN, author of Black Markets: The Supply and Demand of Body Parts.

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Host David Dye welcomes Rogue Wave to the World Cafe to talk about their latest release, Asleep at Heaven’s Gate. Following a year filled with change and tragedy, the band returned to the studio to channel their experiences into song. Lead-singer Zach Rogue’s dreamy, melancholic voice is backed by upbeat pop melodies to create a unique sound that is simultaneously somber and inspiring.

ROGUE WAVE: Lake Michigan

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