MAILBAG: It’s A Black Thing

pantsed2.jpgDEAR PHAWKER,
Based on your “editorial,” maybe you missed this part of the article:

“It’s indicative of the growing schism between the older generation in the black community and the younger generations in the black community, as well as the upper class and the poor. It’s a sad state of affairs.” (Both Lartigue and Green are black, as are all those who introduced the legislation in Louisiana and Georgia.)


[The point isn’t the skin color of the signers of bad legislation, it’s the impact it will have on society at large. Think about it: White cops pull over a young black motorist on a lonely road in the middle of the night. We really doubt the cops, nor for that matter the young black motorist, would ever think twice about the skin color of the legislators that made low-riding pants a bustable offense. Because it is, in fact, irrelevant. –The Ed.]

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