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September 11, AIDS, the Holocaust — comic and actress Sarah Silverman has repeatedly proved that practically nothing need be off limits in a joke. Take the title of her Off-Broadway show, which later became a film: Jesus Is Magic. Or the music video, available on her Comedy Central show’s blog, of “The Doodie Song.” Silverman has appeared in films including School of Rock and There’s Something About Mary and she was a member of the Saturday Night Live ensemble in the early ’90s. The second season of The Sarah Silverman Program begins tonight on Comedy Central.

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Tourist scams 101. A kid squirts you with mustard and runs, and a nearby woman offers to help you clean up only to swipe your wallet. Travel internet sites are packed with cons like this. We’ll hear from seasoned travel PETER GREENBERG, travel editor for NBC’s Today Show, about what some of the most common tricks are and how best to avoid them. Author of a number of travel books, his latest The Complete Travel Detective Bible: The Consummate Insider Tells You What You Need to Know in an Increasingly Complex World has just been published.

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Sea Wolf joins David Dye on the World Cafe to play a few songs off their debut record, Get To The River Before It Runs Too Low. Songwriter Alex Church formed Sea Wolf after compiling a stock of tunes not fitting with the ’60s-inspired rock sound of his original band, Irving. With this new musical project, Church delivers acoustic-based songs, layered at times with cellos and keys. The lead track “You’re A Wolf” has quickly become a Cafe favorite.

SEA WOLF: You’re A Wolf

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