HOT DOCUMENT: Bush Eats Kittens, Kicks Puppies

busheatingkitten.jpgDear jonathan,

You’re not going to believe this — President Bush just vetoed health care for millions of low-income children!

I know that’s hard to believe, and I wish I were making it up. But I’m not. Earlier today, President Bush vetoed a bipartisan expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) — a successful program that provides health care to [six] million low-income children. [Bush just vetoed a bill that would have enabled four million more children to join the ranks of the insured]

All I can say is, compassionate conservatism indeed.

I can’t believe Bush’s nerve, and I bet you can’t either. But wait, it gets worse — two days before vetoing health care for millions of low-income children, George Bush had the nerve to issue a presidential proclamation commemorating — you guessed it — “Child Health Day.” MORE


Joe Trippi
Senior Advisor, John Edwards for President
October 3, 2007

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