MAILBAG: Wake Me Up When It’s Over

Dear Phawker,

Even though it’s amusing to read all these baby boomers working up a froth every time the Bossman releases another disc I have to give in to the truth that I’m never going to get back on his bandwagon. I find the wholespringsteen.jpg shtick terribly corny (see above photo) and tired. Steve Earle has done a better job at being Springsteen than Springsteen himself has over the last twenty-four years (when is the last time Bruce has written something as good as “The Devil’s Right Hand”?).

Modern day Bruce, like modern day Stones, just depresses me. It’s like the hushed-tone reverence U2 or R.E.M. receive, it just doesn’t seem like their recent (and we’re counting twenty years as “recent”) work warrants such worship.

I could go on (I wish I had time to kick that ham-handed Max Weinberg around a little) but I’ve laid down this rant before. I’ll just be sitting back here with a grin behind my stoneface, wondering how people could enjoy such nonsense. His fans make Deadheads seem sober and rational by comparison.
Bemused In Bella Vista,

Dan Buskirk

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