Letter Of St. Paul Hewson To The Philadelphians

bono-and-pope.JPG Tomorrow, Bono comes to town to accept the 2007 Liberty Medal at the National Constitution Center. Of course your humble correspondent will be there, though the wireless situation on-site doesn’t sound promising so you may have to wait until it’s over. That’s ai’ght, it builds character.

Actually, there are two recipients of the $100,000 prize, Bono and DATA, for their joint efforts to fight poverty and disease in Africa. President Bush v. 1.0 (the Constitution Center’s chairman) will present Bono, while National Constitution Center CEO Joe Torsella will do the honors for Jamie Drummond, DATA’s executive director.

The webcast begins at 7 p.m. over at www.libertymedal.org.

aleqm5gmvj3qqsi7oza3wehzafupab4tgw.jpegOn a Six Degrees of the Liberty Medal tip, follow my train of thought on this: The 2005 recipient of the Liberty Medal was one Viktor Yuschenko of Ukraine, who survived dioxin poisoning to lead the “Orange Revolution,” the popular uprising in which thousands took to the streets in a bloodless revolution, toppling a corrupt government.

We can’t help thinking of Myanmar, where reports say at least three crimson-robed Buddhist monks are dead as the government cracks down on efforts at peaceful protest there.

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