KILLADELPHIA: ‘I Don’t Care What Kia Gregory Says’


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Today on NPR’s Here & Now, heard locally on WHYY, host Robin Young interviewed Philadelphia Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson about his call to raise a 10,000 man army of voluntary crisis interventionists to help defuse the violence before it starts on the blocks where they live. Young quotes PW’s Kia Gregory calling on Johnson to resign to the Commish, to which he responds “I don’t care what Kia Gregory thinks.” Young continues to quote from Gregory’s work, citing the fact that several hundred beat cops have been pulled off the street and put in desk jobs during the Commish’s reign. Johnson, for his part, goes on to defend himself admirably, showing more spunk, vitality, not to mention iron-clad grasp of the numbers than we have seen from the Commish in quite some time. Just to be clear, this was the national feed of NPR and this exchange was heard by millions. Kudos all around for repping the city with class and conviction.

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