The Absinthe Drinkers
Music, 45 minutes

Unbelievable monstrosities unleashed in lit-pop monster-vision! Unspeakable beasts summoned forth from forgotten, forbidden literary tomes! The Drinkers take a census of things lurking under the bed, in the closet, and outside the window. Poems transmogrified into monster-filled music and visual delights!





Brat Productions
Theater, 70 minutes

Bacon! Money! Blood! From the creators of last year’s Live Arts hit Eye-95 Re-tarred comes another super-size portion of American excess. Written by John Clancy, FringeNYC founder and winner of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe First, this brutal comedy presents a kinetic, shocking, dead-on funhouse mirror reflection of the world today. Click Here for Showtimes


Theatre of the Stars
Theater, 120 minutes
Lydia is a woman of color, a painter who brings passion to her work. Lawrence is a man in pursuit of the ideal form, in architecture and women. Can Lawrence see beyond Lydia’s magenta bra? Can Lydia love a suspected Republican? A tango in three acts. Click Here for Showtimes

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