WORTH REPEATING: It’s Always Sunny In NY Mag

NEW YORK MAGAZINE: Your characters smoke crack, go “jihad,” crash abortion rallies? Was there ever a subject you wanted to tackle but decided was just too much?

ROB MCELHENNY: Our feeling is that there’s a lighter side to everything. Looking at a baby being thrown in the trash is tragic and very, very sad, and yet when you read those newspaper reports or see it on the news, it’s so sad and so tragic that it becomes almost ludicrous. It’s almost to the point where it’s so unbelievable that this is the point that our culture has come to, there needs to be some sort of comic take on it. If you don’t look at the lighter side of it, it’s going to fucking kill you. So as far as we’re concerned, nothing’s out of bounds. It might upset some people, but what are you gonna do? [via NEW YORK MAGAZINE]

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