Azuka Theatre
Theater, 80 minutes
Azuka Theatre presents Sweetie Pie, the latest work by local actress/playwright Madi Distefano. A love story, a tragedy, a rock & roll fable, Sweetie Pie is a modern-day myth that examines life and death in a world where people are dying to be famous. Click Here for Showtimes
Dada von Bzdulow Theatre
Dance, 65 minutes
Based on the writings of Polish playwright and novelist Witold Gombrowicz, Several Witty Observations made its U.S. debut at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club in New York City in November 2006. An irreverent dissident who attacked the restrictions of social convention, Gombrowicz is considered one of the most important writers of the twentieth century. Directed by Leszek Bzdyl, this series of intriguing character portraits captures what Village Voice critic Charles McNulty called the “absurdist adrenaline” of his work. Several Witty Observations is a highly charged performance imbued with emotion and wry humor, as the dancers navigate a mischievous playground of confrontation and alienation in search of human connection, scored with original music by abstract jazz composer and fellow countryman Mikolaj Trzaska. Click Here for Showtimes
bowerbird co-presents
PHONEME is a three-day series of concerts exhibiting some of the world’s most innovative practitioners of electro-acoustic music. Featuring the BSC (Bhob Rainey, Greg Kelley, James Coleman, Liz Tonne, Mike Bullock, Chris Cooper, Vic Rawlings, and Howard Stelzer) and various member projects (including Nmperign), each night will highlight a different element of the range and diversity of the ensemble and its individuals. In addition to three distinct performances by the BSC, PHONEME will also feature each member of the ensemble in a world premiere collaboration with Philadelphia-based performers. Click Here for Showtimes
Faustin Linyekula/Les Studios Kabako
Dance,?110 minutes

Congolese choreographer Faustin Linyekula returns to the U.S. with a new work that confronts the consequences of collective amnesia within the political, social, and economic contexts of a turbulent and ever-changing nation. Linyekula presents a festival where drinks and food are served and live music fills the room as the performance unfolds. Festival of Lies deals with the web of deceit in daily life, exploring and exploiting the lies that we tell and are told each day. The performers compete to tell their stories on stage in a dynamic landscape of fluorescent lights, broken dolls, political propaganda, and other urban detritus. Selected local musicians and artists will join Festival of Lies, incorporating their own works into Linyekula’s collage of sounds and movement. In addition to two evening-length performances, Festival of Lies will culminate the Live Arts Festival with an all-night collaborative performance of dance, theater, and cultural investigation. Click Here for Showtimes

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