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We love low prices, sure, but we frown at the things companies do to get us good deals — like paying low wages. In his book Supercapitalism, economist Robert Reich looks at the divided mind of the consumer andsupercapitalism.jpg citizen. Reich subtitles his book “The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life,” and in it he asks tough questions about American priorities: “Why has capitalism become so triumphant and democracy so enfeebled? Are these two trends connected? What, if anything, can be done to strengthen democracy?” Reich was secretary of labor in the Clinton administration and now teaches public policy at the University of California at Berkeley. He delivers weekly commentaries on public radio’s Marketplace, and he blogs at


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9/11 Anniversary: Are we safer now? In this three part show, first we’ll look at the fate of the 9/11 Commission recommendations, second a sociologist looks at how much 9/11 has already changed our lives, and third how the threat of terrorism has evolved since 2001. Our guests will be AL FELZENBERG, former spokesman for the 9/11 Commission, NEIL SMELSER author of the new book The Faces of Terrorism: Social and Psychological Dimensions, and DANIEL BENJAMIN author of The Next Attack: The Failure of the War on Terror and the Strategy for Getting it Right. Listen to this show via Real Audio | mp3
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JUNOT DIAZ is the author of the highly-acclaimed new book, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. It is the story of the relationship of Oscar de Leon,a New Jersey high school senior of Dominican extraction, and Ana, a girl he meets in an S.A.T. prep class. Diaz was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New Jersey. His collection of short stories, “Drown,” earned him a PEN/Malamud Award. Listen to this show via Real Audio | mp3

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With a sound that combines dance, electronic and punk music, New York-based DJ and multi-instrumentalist James Murphy (a.k.a. LCD Soundsystem) has made being a music geek sound cool again. As a co-founder of the much-lauded DFA label and production team, Murphy has produced and remixed the likes of Le Tigre, Nine Inch Nails and The Chemical Brothers before releasing his first single as LCD Soundsystem in 2002. Titled “Losing My Edge,” the track offers a tongue-in-cheek look at the DJ culture that catapulted Murphy to underground fame. But it wasn’t until 2005 that he released his debut full-length, the double-disc LCD Soundsystem. Heavily indebted to indie heroes like David Bowie and Gang of Four, the disc earned Murphy critical praise — including two Grammy nominations — and commercial success, with the lead single. Murphy’s new album, Sound of Silver, seems far sleeker than his debut, with a refreshingly direct quality that allows his songwriting to shine through.


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