Vagabond Acting Troupe
Theater, 80 minutes

Philadelphia?s own Christian Lisak returns home with a one-man performance piece about his recent experience in a federal prison camp. This sometimes humorous, sometimes serious look at unexpected life detours and the lessons learned attempts to prove the idea that everything happens for a good reason, even incarceration. Click Here for Showtimes


Dance, 75 minutes

We?re new to the neighborhood. Want to come over? react/dance?s Jacelyn Biondo and Kristen Shahverdian invite you to their housewarming. Experience site-specific, audience-inclusive performance with Philly?s most intense dancers. Row homes, apartment living, and city travel will never be the same. Space extremely limited. Roundtrip travels and snacks included. Click Here for Showtimes


Rutherford Chang
Theater, 70 minutes
Two guys play six athletes in three shows. They also want your phone number. Philadelphia City Paper Choice Award Winner Rutherford Chang completes its legendary Sports Trilogy with the premiere of Men of the Green, in which the caddy hides some stuff in a hole. Click Here for Showtimes

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