Indigenous Pitch
Dance, 90 minutes
Hot on the heels of last year’s Fringe comes this season’s fiercest group of dancers. With expertise in hip-hop, funk, modern, and hoofin’, this multi-ethnic consortium will deliver a dazzlingly diverse program. “Muscular, acrobatic, witty choreography: (Philadelphia City Paper) by Stephen Welsh’s Swerve, Illadelphlave, DaBoom, Surge, Underground Dance Works, DanceTron. Click Here for Showtimes

Little Bunny Voodoo Presents
Puppetry, 45 minutes

Your swanky neighborhood tiki bar from the ’50s is in jeopardy. A powerful coffee chain has bought the building and plans a takeover within the week. A tiki mug revolt is brewing. An adult-oriented puppet feature steeped in romance and betrayal brought on by the gentrification of a city. Click Here for Showtimes



Company Ea Sola
Dance, 60 minutes

“They are there, occupying the naked stage swept by the crude colour lights, to express the best they can the pain, and to contain the underlying violence always on the point of explosion… The entire performance develops along this line of tension. Like a purification.”
– Jean-Pierre Han, L’Humanite, France

Ea Sola directs a young ensemble from the Vietnam National Opera Ballet of Hanoi in Drought and Rain Vol. 2, a breathtaking anti-war statement expressing how young people feel about a war they know only from the memories of their elders and a torrent of television images. How does a virtual memory trigger an act of conscience and give birth to a spirit of non-violence? How do youth reflect on the wars of yesterday and today? Sola was born in Vietnam and trained in Paris before returning to explore the history and traditional culture, music, and dance of her home country. Dramatically scored with traditional percussion led by composer Nguyen Xuan Son, this new incarnation of Drought and Rain Vol. 1 (1995) is a forceful reflection on the memory of war, and a gesture of nonviolence from a new generation. Click Here for Showtimes

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