MAILBAG: ‘They Are Not Prisoners’ At WHYY

Dear Phawker,

What a lame group of so-called ‘dedicated’ WHYY employees. These people claim they believe in the cause. “However, we’ve willingly decided to work for less, knowing we are contributing to a god [good] cause, a cause we strongly believe in.” Yet they contradict themselves throughout this letter. First they say that their CEO and COO have “contributed to an atmosphere of low morale, virtually no teamwork or cooperation between departments, and an overwhelming feeing of distrust between senior management mailbag_21.gifand the rest of the company” What do they think they are doing sending things like this to the media? Someone who truly cares and believes in the greater good of public broadcasting would address these issues with their manager(s) and board before disclosing such garbage to media outlets.

Second they say that “Many of us have been told by family, friends, and people we’ve met on the street, that they stopped giving to WHYY once they learned of your compensation.” Perhaps they should tell people why they believe in the organization and choose to continue working at it!

Third, they are not prisoners. They are working in the top ten of media markets for radio and television. If they think the commerical world is better they should go to it. The grass is always greener until you get to the other side. If they want to work for a non-profit there are plenty out there. This group of ‘dedicated’ individuals should start looking for work elsewhere and stop hurting the organization they work for. If they truly cared they wouldn’t do this.

Bill Marrazzo Lala

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