mailbag_2.gifDEAR PHAWKER,
Gregory Paige was my little cousin. He just turned 18 years old a month ago. He was with 2 friends that he trusted and treated very well. They shot him to death that night..for what you ask ? they took his life for a chain.. a chain that he wore tht they were jelous of.. a chain that they wanted and that they thought was more important then my cousons life.. my cousin had a good heart.. always with a smile on his face.. loved his family and friends..but just got together with some really bad people.. some really bad people that hung out with him at his house? smiled in his mothers face.. ate thanksgiving dinner at his house and then had desert?. but then later on traded on him and killed him?. im so mad and cannot believe this happened to him.. these streets are not going to get any better.. we have to change them.. the devil is here and he’s here to stay.



skeleton-running.gif With six of the homicides taking place on Saturday, it turned out to be one of the deadliest days in recent city history.

At 11:24 p.m., police found Gregory Paige, 18, slumped on a park bench at 33rd and Diamond streets with gunshot wounds in his torso and head. Paige, of the 900 block of Sanger Street near East Summerdale Avenue, was pronounced dead at the scene. Police were investigating whether he was shot during a robbery.

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