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SALVADOR DALI*: “Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized By Her Own Chastity”


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Journalist Frances Harrison has been the BBC’s correspondent in the Iranian capital city of Tehran for the past 3 years. She says conditions have gotten worse, especially for women, under the increasing strictures being put in place by the ultraconservative Islamic government. PLUS, Fresh Air‘s TV critic reviews the new Showtimeburka3.jpg dramedy Californication. It stars X-Files veteran David Duchovny as a charming, jaded rogue of a writer trapped in a Hollywood fame-and-identity crisis; he’s still hung up on his ex, so much so that he’s sleeping with every woman who’ll let him.


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The state of Iraq’s mental health system. We’ll talk with KEITH HUMPHREYS, who is working with Iraqi, British and American mental health officials to train Iraqi counselors. We’ll hear from YOASIF HANNA ROFA, who was a psychiatrist in Iraq for 25 years, and from SABAH SADIK, currently a national mental health advisor to Iraq’s Ministry of Health and recently nominated to become Iraq’s Minister of Health.

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Writer MERYLE SECREST has written biographies of nine artists including Salvador Dali*, Frank Lloyd Wright, Leonard Bernstein, Richard Rodgers, to name just a few. In her new book, “Shoot the Widow,” Secrest provides insight into the challenges of and sometimes comical quests involved in uncovering the truth about “other people’s lives.” She joins us in studio to talk with Marty.

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Rock veteran Ian Hunter drops by to discuss his new album with the World Cafe’s Michaela Majoun. First gaining fame as the lead singer and lyricist of ’70s rock group, Mott the Hoople, Hunter has put out a consistent stream of catchy-rock solo material since the band’s break up in 1975. Shrunken Heads, Hunter’s first studio album in six years, is his reflection on a post-9/11 world.

IAN HUNTER: All The Young Dudes


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