MAILBAG: Question The Parking Authority



The Parking Authority never does anything for the benefit of drivers, businesses or even the city government. The PPA operates purely as a greedy, ever-expanding for-profit business. It primarily benefits them, period. And they are not even answerable to city government, so why should they consult with anyone about how to run their business?

Their payroll is always growing; it seems they have a ticket-writer assigned to every block, and theymetermaid3.gif continue to slap stickers over every parking sign, changing the hours on a daily basis. If left to their own devices there eventually will be 24 hour limits on every business AND residential street.

The time is now for massive (albeit gentle) civil disobedience against PPA. Super Glue those meters. Remove those extended hour stickers, or better yet remove the whole sign in the dead of night. Change their profit ratio by making them spend time policing their own equipment, and they’ll have less time to deliver tickets. Like Patti Smith sang, the People Have the Power.


Curator, Secret Cinema

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JOIN THE CONVERSATION: Got a PPA horror story? Or just a strong opinion about cars and the hoops of fire they have to jump through just to park in this city? Or even, you LOVE the PPA and think we should just shut the hell up and stop whining because, like, your mom is a meter maid and parking tickets put you through college? Send in your comments to We just might like the cut of your comment’s jib.

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