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German filmmaker Werner Herzog discusses his new film Rescue Dawn, a Hollywood adaptation of his 1997 documentary Little Dieter Needs to Fly. Both the movie and the documentary are based on the true story of Dieter Dengler, the only U.S. pilot to successfully escape from a North Vietnamese-controlled prison.


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Philadelphia’s rising murder rate. This week, CBS News did a three-part series on Philadelphia’s gun violence. Why is the murder rate so high,¬†and what can be done about it? We’ll talk with MEL WELLS, president of One Day At A Time, one of the social services groups featured in the CBS News reports, and KIA GREGORY, a staff writer for The Philadelphia Weekly who has been writing extensively on the city’s gun violence.

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BRUCE BUSCHEL, a native Philadelphian, revisits his hometown, his own life and the city’s complex identity in his new book “Walking Broad: Looking for the Heart of Philadelphia.” The book describes his exploration of Philadelphia through a 13-mile walk down Broad Street.


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One of the most controversial and acclaimed singers of the last 20 years, Sinead O’Connor continues to deny convention and expectations. From her groundbreaking breakthrough albums (1987’s The Lion and the Cobra and 1990’s I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got) through forays into everything from standards to reggae, O’Connor remains fiercely uncompromising. It was I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got that made O’Connor a major star, due in no small part to its chart-topping cover of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U.” But from there, she became an increasingly polarizing figure, as her political statements made her a lightning rod for criticism. Subsequent albums often won over fans, but met with increasingly sparse mainstream attention. Her first record of new original material in seven years, 2007’s Theology offers a touching and powerful examination of an undeniably passionate artist. The first disc, “Dublin Sessions,” features eight new songs and three covers in an acoustic setting; the second, “London Sessions,” features the same songs but with full-band arrangements.


Everything she said that night turned out to be true, and as such, everything she did was entirely justified. The world should apologize to her. Or at the very least, the Vatican should.


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