iMAYOR: Experts Say iMayor Is Vulnerable To Hackers


A team of computer security consultants say they have found a flaw in Apple’s wildly popular iPhone that allows them to take control of the device. The researchers, working for Independent Security Evaluators, a company that tests its clients’ computer security by hacking it, said that they could take control of iPhones through a Wi-Fi connection or by tricking users into going to a Web site that contains malicious code.

The hack, the first reported, allowed them to tap the wealth ofstreet_iphone_300.jpg personal information the phones contain. Although Apple built considerable security measures into its device, said Charles A. Miller, the principal security analyst for the firm, “Once you did manage to find a hole, you were in complete control.” The firm, based in Baltimore, alerted Apple about the vulnerability this week and recommended a software patch that could solve the problem.

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