KILLADELPHIA: 14-Year-Old Shot Dead By 18-Year-Old

skeleton-running.gifA 14-year-old boy was shot and killed Saturday in broad daylight in South Philadelphia. Police have charged 18-year-old Charles Meyers of South Philadelphia with his murder. Police say at about 4pm, 10 kids — including 14-year-old Tykeem Law — were on five bikes on the 900 block of Federal Street, near the Italian Market. A car coming down the street honked the horn and yelled at the kids to move out the street. Four of the five bikes got out of the way. One didn’t move fast enough ridden by 14-year-old Tykeem Law. Police say words may have been exchanged, and the driver of the car pulled a gun and shot Tykeem. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Police were able to stop the car and catch the alleged shooter a few blocks away. [via KYW]

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