NEWS CLUES: It’s Like Adderall For Your Eyeballs

Miss NJ Keeps Crown, Vows No More Fuzzy Navels With Touchy-Feely Fat Guys
missnjpolumbo.jpgAccording to KYW, “Members of the board of the Miss New Jersey Pageant decided Thursday afternoon in Ocean City, NJ, that Amy Polumbo will be allowed to keep her crown amid a controversy over some anonymously mailed photos. ‘Why these pictures came out I have no idea,’ said Terry McLean, Polumbo’s grandmother. ‘I’m sure there are pictures of these people, too — only worse. And her pictures are nothing.'” Radar Magazine begs to differ: “Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo‘s blackmail photos reveal a moderately tame pageant queen (with the exception of spread-eagle splits) who likes to surround herself with ‘silly,’ overweight, breast-groping/biting male friends.” We believe these skills will serve her well as Miss America.


Autopsy: Cops Shot Man 20 Times, But Missed Him 65 Times
autopsy.jpg Steven Miller, the seemingly deranged man killed by police while he paced with a pistol on a South Philadelphia street corner, was hit by more than 20 of the up to 85 rounds fired at him, a person familiar with the investigation said yesterday. The investigation source could not say where Miller was struck, but neighborhood residents who said they witnessed the shooting have said he was wounded in the head, arms and torso as officers fired at him from three directions. Last night, Johnson faced repeated questions at the community meeting at the Vare Recreation Center about what constituted excessive force, as well as a litany of complaints of rough treatment from police in other situations. Echoing other speakers, Jamilla Lambright called the killing murder. “It should not be necessary to shoot anybody that many times,” Lillie Lawrence added. [via INQUIRER]


Chef Perrier Mocks Foi Gras Follies With A Fine Glass Of Wine And A Game Of Toss
Chef Georges Perrier decided he’d had enough of the animal-rights activists who regularly protest outside his Le-Bec Fin (1523 Walnut) over the use of foie gras. Over the weekend, Perrier and staffers came outside to heckle the protesters and carried glasses of wine and held up pieces of the controversial duck-liver dish, made by force-feeding ducks until their livers explode. Perrier did not return our call. [via DAN GROSS]

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