NEWS CLUES: It’s Like Adderall For Your Eyeballs

BREAKING: Lady Bird Johnson Dead At 94

ladybirdjohnson.jpgAUSTIN, Texas — Lady Bird Johnson, the former first lady who championed conservation and worked tenaciously for the political career of her husband, Lyndon B. Johnson, died Wednesday, a family spokeswoman said. She was 94. As first lady, she was perhaps best known as the determined environmentalist who wanted roadside billboards and junkyards replaced with trees and wildflowers. She raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to beautify Washington. The $320 million Highway Beautification Bill, passed in 1965, was known as “The Lady Bird Bill,” and she made speeches and lobbied Congress to win its passage.” [via WASHINGTON POST]


New Bruce + E Street Band Album This Fall?

“The Boss, as we still call him, is apparently planning a new album for release in late fall. Some sources insist that this will be an E Street Band album, and not another side project like the “Seeger Sessions” or a solo collection of introspective songs. An E Street Band album means a big rock ‘n’ roll sound with Springsteen’s featured players like Steve van Zandt, Max Weinberg and Clarence Clemons. Sources tell me that tracks have been recorded with the group, and that the hope among Bruce insiders is that he will choose their project over several others he may have cooking.” MORE


yellowsun.gifHELLADELPHIA: Climate Study Predicts Infernal Summers

People in Philadelphia would swelter through as many as 30 days over 100 degrees each summer. The entire Northeast ski industry except western Maine would likely go out of business. And spruce and hemlock forests — as well as song birds such as the Baltimore oriole — would all but disappear from New Jersey to the Canada border. These are some of the conclusions of a two-year study by the public interest group Union of Concerned Scientists of the effects of global warming in the Northeast if current greenhouse gas emission patterns around the world continue unabated. Winters will be on average 8 to 12 degrees warmer by the end of the century, and summers 6 to 14 degrees hotter. Given those conditions, they concluded in a report released today, the environment of the Northeast would be transformed, and Boston, Atlantic City, New York and other cities would all be subject to disastrous flooding on a regular basis. [via WASHINGTON POST]

poshbecks.jpgPosh + Becks = Hawtness

“Posh is over here to support David, but her desire is to become the top fashionista globally and to get people looking at her. This is the Beckhams’ attempt to become a truly global brand for the first time because they have never cracked America properly,” Morgan said. Splash has a six-person “Team Beckham” covering the couple for the first few weeks. Morgan said British clients wanted a Beckham watch from dawn to midnight. On Monday, Beckham laughed off speculation she was hoping for an acting career. “I must be the only person in Los Angeles who doesn’t want to be in films,” she said. “I don’t think I am that good at acting actually.” [via REUTERS]

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