FORT DIX 6: Judge To Put Terror Trial On The Internets

The judge handling the case — U.S. District Judge Robert B. Kugler — says he wants to make unprecedented use of the Internet and other technologies during the trial.

The highlight of his endeavor: a public Web site on which all of the evidence would be posted as soon as it’s introduced in court.

In this case, that could include video surveillance and audio wiretaps, as well as conversations secretly recorded by FBI informants.

Legal and journalism experts say nothing similar has ever been attempted in the federal judiciary, and they said these moves could be the first step in bringing the federal courts – and the reporters covering them – into the multimedia world.

“It sounds audacious and sensible at the same time,” said Richard Lavinthal, a legal public relations consultant. “It’s really what the Internet was meant for. It’s a pure information medium, and I really tip my hat to Judge Kugler.”

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