HEAR YE: Can’t Tell Me Nothing Mixtape


Kanye West-Can't Tell Me Nothing


BY JASON FLEURANT Kanye West‘s abiding belief in himself is often misconstrued as arrogance. So it’s only fitting that the never-could-hold-his-tongue MC would drop a mixtape/single called “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” After all it was that same motto that fueled the Chi-Town native to reach for his dreams and become such a success, while the world stood against him. Mixed by A&R Plain Pat, the mixtape features numerous G.O.O.D artist and affiliates. Getting fans excited for the forth coming LP is three cuts from Common’s “Finding Forever.” His official single “The Game” which has legendary DJ Premier doing cuts on the hook is a hype lyrical smorgasbord. Common spits gems like “I never kiss the asses of the masses / I’m the black molasses / thick and I lasted, past these rap bastards / they tried to box me in like Cassius Clay / hey I’m like Muhammad when he fasted.” [via NobodySmiling.Com]


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