BREAKING: I’m Feeling A Disturbance In The Force

darth-vader-face.jpgPHILADELPHIA — All men may be created equal, but all voices are not.

Actor James Earl Jones read excerpts from the Declaration of Independence in his unmistakable baritone on Tuesday, the day before Independence Day.

The reading took place at the National Constitution Center during the unveiling of one of four surviving copies of the Magna Carta. The nearly 800-year-old “Great Charter,” which helped inspire the Declaration, is on loan from Great Britain’s Lincoln Cathedral. It will be displayed for three weeks beginning Wednesday.

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The Magna Carta, Eh?
WIKIPEDIA: “Magna Carta was originally written because of disagreements between Pope Innocent III, King John and his English barons about the rights of the King. Magna Carta required the king to renounce certain rights, respect certain legal procedures and accept that the will of the king could be bound by the law. It explicitly protected certain rights of the King’s subjects — whether free or unfree — most notably the right of Habeas Corpus, meaning that they had rights against unlawful imprisonment.”

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