CENSUS: We’re Number Six! We’re Number Six!

New Census figures show Philadelphia has dropped to the sixth-largest city in America. It’s official: “Philadelphia is now the sixth-largest city in the US. It declined by about 8,000 people from 2005 to 2006.”

Census Bureau Demographer Greg Harper says after measuring births and deaths and people moving in and out, Phoenix has moved to the number-five city with 1.5 million residents ahead of Philadelphia’s 1.4 million.

What’s it all mean? Not much, says Temple University geography professor David Bartelt, who says people don’t judge a city by how big it is: “That’s not really the telling concern. Most people evaluate cities in terms of a broad range of characteristics: Livability, cultural attractions, and so forth.”

KYW: Size Only Matters To The Insecure — and Phoenix

[Image courtesy of PhillyHISTORY.org]

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