How Privileged White Suburban Assholes Get Made

monicakinney80.jpgBY MONICA YANT KINNEY INQUIRER COLUMNIST Imagine having your house ravaged by hard-drinking teenagers who doused your clothes with urine, pooped on your piano, and played catch with 10 pounds of homemade meatballs while you were away for the day. Imagine watching the kids who got caught get off without so much as an hour of community service, a mandatory essay, or an AA meeting.

Not one of the 10 Haddonfield teens who struck plea deals last week apologized in court unprompted. Only after being nudged by a judge did two boys and one parent say, uh, sorry.

If juvenile court is supposed to provide life lessons for the young, how come it’s Colleen Falasca, the 49-year-old victim in this case, who feels like she got punished?

“These parents are cowards and they’re raising their kids to wiggle out of difficult situations,” Falasca told me, incensed by the so-called end to the story that has captivated the region for a month.

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