VEEP: Absolute Power Or Absolute Incompetence?

“One thing I’ve been puzzling over is the lack of commentary or reporting on the fact that evencheneypuppetmaster.jpg with these unprecedented secret extra-legal powers he has seized for himself and the White House, Cheney has been so singularly unsuccessful on any of the national security fronts he in effect commands. His failures in Iraq, his failures to finish bin Laden and al Qaeda in a serious way in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the exponential growth of terrorism and al Qaeda in Iraq. These are facts. There are urgent, deeply compelling legal/philosophical/Constitutional issues raised by Cheney’s actions and those of his enablers and committed ideological collaborators. But what about the measures of his performance?” — LAURA ROZEN, War and Piece

“Why does anybody even listen to this guy anymore? He has been wrong about everything. And I mean, everything.” –JON STEWART, Tower Theater, April 28, 2007

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WASHINGTON POST: Angler, The Cheney Vice Presidency PART TWO

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