METH BUST: Local Insomnia Rates Plummet Overnight

Hear me now and believe me later: The biggest meth bust in Philadelphia history did NOT happen in Manayunk yesterday. Markle Street is clearly Roxborough.

Police say Bloomer appears to have been a middleman. They say he sold bulk amounts after buying it from a network on the West Coast. All it took was a phone call. Chief Insp. William Blackburn tells Action News, “As a result of that conversation he would procure the drugs, and later have those drugs sent by FedEx to the Roxborough section of the city.”

This is an ongoing investigation with police now trying to round up Bloomer’s alleged customers. They are also working with the FBI to go after the West Coast connection. [via Citizen Mom] The Neighbors Just Called Him ‘Mr. Cranky’

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