HOT DOC: Inky Editorial Page Ed. Steps Down

Colleagues —

In Sunday’s Currents section, the attached column announces my decision to step down as editorial page editor of the┬ápaper. I’ll be taking on a new role as a twice-weekly columnist and director of civic engagement, running the Citizen Voices program. I also plan to challenge Dick Polman for the title of Wordiest Blogger on

Brian Tierney plans to look at internal and external candidates; I’ll leave the job formally when my replacement is named and settles in, but my hope in the coming weeks is to turn more and more of the decision-making over to the board’s superb deputy editor, Harold Jackson. I’ll be focused primarily on sustaining and advancing the momentum of the Great Expectations project. My thanks to everyone in this newsroom who gave me advice and support over the years as I tried to help the Editorial Board do its work well. It’s been a privilege.

Chris Satullo

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