DAVE & BUSTED: ‘Playground For Grown-Ups’ Named In Illegal Immigrants’ Class Action Lawsuit

PHILADELPHIA — The 14 plaintiffs — most from Mexico — worked for Rosenbaum-Cunningham International Inc., a Palm Beach, Fla.-based janitorial firm. In Philadelphia, the company placed workers in Dave and Buster’s Inc., the restaurant chain that has a popular waterfront outpost in the city.

Rosenbaum-Cunningham and three top executives were indicted this year in Michigan on federal charges they harbored illegal immigrants for profit and failed to pay the federal government more than $18 million in employment taxes. The charges are still pending.

The immigrants say they worked as many as 110 hours a week cleaning kitchens, washing floors and scrubbing toilets. Many were locked in at their work sites and most put in 11-hour days, seven days a week without breaks, their lawyers said.

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