FUN WITH TOURISTS: Ordinance Would Forbid Telling Gullible White Trash Things Like Ben Franklin Invented The Internet & Washington Kept Dinosaurs As Pets

Tour guides will show you this city on foot, trolley, double-decker bus or horse-drawn carriage. Butphillytourguide.jpg can you believe what they say? That is a concern of some Philadelphia hospitality officials, who worry that the city’s most valuable asset — its history — is being tarnished by unreliable tour guides who mix up dates and spice up the biographies of famous founders like Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. The issue has sparked debate and a led to a proposed ordinance to test and license guides. The Liberty Bell alone had 1.8 million visitors last year, and tourism in the region generated $10 billion, Ms. Levitz said.

NEW YORK TIMES: The Truth Wears A Tri-Corn Hat?
[PHOTO CAPTION: Jill Lawrence, a Colonial re-enactor, graduating from a training program for guides last week.]

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