FEDS: Ex-Seaport Museum Prez Pirated $1.5 Million

PHILADELPHIA — The former president of the Independence Seaport Museum was charged with mail fraud and tax evasion after scamming the struggling institution out of more than $1.5┬ámillion, federal authorities said Monday.

John S. Carter, 57, of Osterville, Mass., submitted false invoices to fund home improvements and other personal expenses, including jewelry, electronics, clothing and a pair of rare historical artifacts, authorities said.

Carter also kept the proceeds from the sale of a rare boat that had been donated to the museum, authorities said.

“The defendant used the museum’s funds as his personal piggy bank,” U.S. Attorney Patrick Meehan said. “He spent with reckless abandon, went to extraordinary lengths to conceal his fraudulent activities, and abused the trust placed in him by the museum.”



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