MEDIA: NJ Turnpike Authority Investigating Web Leak Of Deadly Egg Harbor Toll Crash Footage

TRENTON, N.J. – A United Kingdom-based video Web site on Saturday defended its use of graphic Garden State Parkway crash footage, even as it said it would investigate any possible ownership issues that might be raised.

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority, which operates the Parkway, has been investigating how surveillance footage of the fatal May 10 crash was released, and has requested that Web sites including and remove the video.

Hayden Hewitt, a co-founder of Manchester, England-based, said Saturday that the Web site would continue allowing the video, which depicts a car slamming into the Parkway’s Great Egg Harbor toll plaza at high speed and bursting into flames.

“It’s a newsworthy video, and it’s definitely worth discussing,” said Hewitt.

Turnpike Authority spokesman Joseph Orlando disagreed. “Do these people have families? It is just wrong to have this posted,” Orlando said.

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