TOM FERRICK: A Referendum For Change?


In fact, if we all try hard enough, we can envision an end to the decline in the city’s fortunes and a revival of political integrity and civic activism.This election could offer proof that there is a constituency for a Philadelphia that is neither corrupt nor contented. That we can be a city that draws new people and new jobs, an ancient urban place that is still brimming with vitality — with more to come.

Hope is a fragile thing, but it’s out there, in the neighborhoods in the suddenly crowded streets of Center City, among the new and old generations of Philadelphians who love their city too much to let it down.

They believe in a brighter future. They are ready to move forward. We are poised on the threshold of change. Tuesday will tell us what the next step will be.

INQUIRER: A Shining City On The Hill?

[Image by KCHBROWN]

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