SHAME OF THE CITY: Street Refuses To Cop To Paddling Anti-Nutter Swiftboat With Fundraising Calls, Blames Inquirer For Printing The Horrible Truth

A clearly agitated Mayor John Street was refusing to talk about his efforts on behalf of a group that is behind an advertisement attacking the apparent front-runner in next week’s Democratic mayoral┬áprimary (see related story).

Reporters have been trying to follow up on word that the mayor has been helping to raise money for the anti-Nutter group. The mayor went on a rant against The Philadelphia Inquirer for sending a reporter to knock on his door Wednesday night. That reporter had a door slammed in her face.

Street’s spokesman confirms that the mayor had made fundraising calls on behalf of a so-called “527” group at the behest of Shawn Fordham, a paid consultant to the group and a top adviser to Street. Mayor Street has had a longstanding feud with Mike Nutter, especially in the later years of Nutter’s nearly 15 years in City Council.

The group is called “One Step Closer,” and is the third “527” group to surface in the mayor’s race. As reporters pressed the mayor for answers, he shot back: “I’ll talk about it later. I reserve the right to talk about things when it’s convenient for me. I have other things to do.” Moments later, he spoke to 1,600 people in the Convention Center, after which he refused again to comment to KYW, making his exit through a kitchen.

KYW: John Street Not ‘Having A Great Day’
INQUIRER: “The city’s leading election watchdog group yesterday condemned as ‘blatantly racial’ a TV ad that uses footage of police confronting 1960s civil-rights marchers to attack mayoral candidate Michael Nutter for his “stop and frisk” crime-prevention proposal. The statement from the nonpartisan Committee of Seventy came as Mayor Street declined to discuss his role in raising money for the group behind the ad.”

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