Fishtown Group Says ‘Sodom & Gomorrah? Bring It On!’

BY RONNIE POLANECZKY FISHTOWN ACTION isn’t waiting until May 15 to say whether a casino would be a good thing for the community. The newly minted pro-casino group wants to go on record, right here at Holy Name of Jesus Parish Hall,golden-calf.gif as being thrilled that SugarHouse Casino wants to build in the neighborhood.

In fact, they say, the sooner SugarHouse can bring its 1,100 new jobs to the city, the better. These are jobs offering good salaries, benefits and pensions — and, in many cases, don’t require a college degree.

Something not every Fishtowner has, or even wants to acquire.

Fishtowners could actually walk to these jobs — the way they used to, years ago, when the Jack Frost sugar refinery occupied the now-blighted site at Delaware Avenue and Shackamaxon Street that SugarHouse hopes to build on.

“As far as we’re concerned, SugarHouse is the first business to invite us to the dance in more than 30 years,” says Fishtown resident Tim Booth. “We’re ready to boogie, baby!”

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