HIZZONER ’07: The Gloves Are Officially Off

boxing.jpg “There are four candidates sitting at this table that all their life helped working men and women,” Brady said. “There is one candidate, Tom Knox, that has not. [He’s been] ripping off men and women, working men and women . . . Predatory lending, insurance scams, attacking pensions. Now, I’m going to get a lot of negative ads coming back to me, probably a million dollars negative on me. But . . . my vision is too important for this city to have Tom Knox become the mayor.”

It was a calculated attack. As the candidates left the television studio, Brady aides gave reporters a one-page sheet of allegations, based on Philadelphia newspaper stories and a report by Maryland insurance regulators.

Knox did not stick around long enough to answer the allegations in any detail.”Desperate candidates are saying things that they need to say,” Knox said as his wife, Linda, pulled on his arm and his campaign manager, Josh Morrow, pushed Knox toward the exit.

Later, Morrow called reporters to dump on Brady. “Bob Brady knows that his gravy train is over when Tom Knox is elected,” he said. “This is the guy who gives out the jobs, who gives out the no-bid contracts.”


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