INGRATITUDE: NOLA Mayor Literally Trashes Philly

PHILADELPHIA — New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin criticized the cleanliness of Philadelphia after a visit to the city last week.

“Let me tell you something. You ought to go to Philly and you will appreciate how clean New Orleans is,”carinagin.gif Nagin said Saturday to a crowd of New Orleans residents concerned about the city’s recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

“Just go and walk around Philly a little bit and you will appreciate,” Nagin said. ” … We still have some work to do but we definitely beat them by a long shot.”

Nagin struck a different tone when he was in Philadelphia on Thursday, thanking the city for providing shelter to displaced New Orleans residents after the storm.

The mayor and officials of his administration came to Philadelphia to learn about the city’s efforts to demolish blighted buildings and replace them with new developments.

“That was a big learning piece for us today,” he said.

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