MAILBAG: Colonel Fighting Yet Another Unpopular Rock War


Dear Phawker,

“I worked at JC Dobbs from 1989 to 1990.” – Rick D

Rick was a great fella to have a drink with and share a story at the bar and his sudden passing is a terrible loss, but as the former publicist for J.C. Dobbs, I have to say that the above quote is just not true.

Kathy James, the owner and booking agent for J.C. Dobbs, would cut rental deals with many young independent promoters who wanted to book occasional all-ages shows at her bar. Rick was one of those guys, but he never worked for Kathy or at Dobbs. — The Colonel


Hey Colonel,

pretty friggin wrong time to split hairs, especially to a long defunct club.

you should burn in hell for that, you uptight idiot.

rick brought that place some of it’s biggest shows and his connection to dobbs was undeniable and his legacy that he left there only contributes to dobbs’s benifit and not rick’s.

so he wasn’t “on the payroll” but he made that club money, threw great and legendary shows there and your semantics at such a time only shows your lack of any form of humanity.

if there were bad blood between you and him, it’s certainly not a time to try and get some sort of ‘revenge’ and it’s such bad taste to do such a thing when so many accross the city and country are mourning his untimely passing.

I hope that what you’ve done here [and a few other places, where you made the same remark] happens to you when you pass in a horrible manner and all your family and friends are wounded and your memory tarnished by someone making irrelevant and semantical “corrections” over such a trivial distinction in a self-righteous manner because they seem to believe that he’s ‘not worthy’ or some such bullcrap.

I’ll be sure to remind everyone about these comments [the one here and on other webpages] by you if the subject of ‘JC Dobbs’ ever comes up, to remind everyone of your slight against one of the best independent promoters/booking agents that philly has ever seen or will see ever again.

just such poor taste, even if it was true ‘factually.’ it certainly wasn’t in spirit.


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