GAYBO: It’s Safe To Dance

gaybo.JPGBY TOMMY ZANE February made me shiver and April was just as shrinkage-inducing, if you know what I mean. During the recent warm weather, though, I hit the clubs and shook it up as all gay folk should at some point. Seriously, it’s in the Queer Handbook, Rule #297. Anyway, aside from Ben Gay, here’s what’s currently warming cockles:

I don’t mean the crap that passes for it today. I’m talking about the shit gay folks popularized in the mid-80s and perfected around ’92. Everything from George Kranz’s 1985 “Din Daa Daa,” thru to Philly’s own Josh Wink, using his circa-1995 moniker Size 9 on “I Am Ready.” Gay folks built this scene and danced to it in a post-punk era. It’s noise that is both dissonant and harmonious, which often mirrors queer life. We need this music to sweat out society’s ills. I’ve been bouncing around these past weeks to some of my favorite DJs.

DJ Kathy Fadigan and guest DJs Billy M. and Journeyfer have kept it real on Wednesday nights. The main dance floor still caters to an 18-21 goth crowd, with its mostly gloomy industrial and techno music and stark, outrageous outfits. The Blue Room is where you’ll find me. From Heaven 17, Erasure, and the Communards to occasional ’70s-era disco classics like Dan Hartman’s “Instant Replay” and new music, Fadigan keeps her mix lively and fierce. I even heard Scritti Politti and Jimmy Somerville and The Communards. Last night a DJ saved my life, indeed.

Whether it’s ages 18-21 art students at Shampoo or ruling street bitches mixing it up with straight students during Drag Night at Bob and Barbara‘s, Philly has a gorgeous, diverse crowd of dancers who are real flirty, too. It’s not just about Bump, Pure and Woody’s, my dears. Travel off the beaten path and you’ll find treasure in Philly’s gay nightlife.

Here are some hot events to check out. DJ K-Tell & The Dumpsta Players’ 11th Annual “PromTrash Plastik” on 4/18 at Bob and Barbara’s; Sex Dwarf, All New Wave Dance Party presents Pretty In Pink on 4/20 at Fluid; Brittany Lynn’s legendary Friday night events at Shampoo and Lisa Lisa’s Drag Show at Bob and Barbara’s w/DJ Lexy throwing down the jams. And don’t miss the upcoming Miss Bob and Barbara’s Pageant on Thurs. 4/19. Just turn off that computer and head out. C’mon, you can do it! The best way to meet hot boys is live in person, not on I can vouch for that, and so can that yummy Penn boy I met on Wed. See you, suckas!

Arden Theatre’s “Baby Case” Writer/Composer Michael Ogborn + “just come out already” CNN reporter Anderson Cooper+ American Idol‘s flamboyant peacock, Sanjaya Malakar.

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