POPPED! FEST PREVIEW: Pattern Is Movement


NOTE: Throughout the week we will be sharing the responses of Popped Fest bands to our Mad Libs-esque questionnaire.

1. We are called Pattern is Movement because it sounded better than Passionate Moments.

2. No, that is not a stupid name for a band and it is awesome of you to say that.

3. We are a band because God told/commanded us.

4. If we were not a band, we would be working for Ride The Ducks.

5. People say we sound like Julie Andrews meets System of a Down.

6. But really we sound like Julie Andrews.

7. A year ago we were working for Ride The Ducks, and now we’re touring in a Ride The Ducks Amphibious Vehicle.

8. If the cops searched our van, they would find life preservers.

9. One band that we’re excited to see perform is Make a Rising because their live show is amazing.

10. The first thing we’re gonna do once we become bigger than Jesus is hire his publicist.

Pattern Is Movement headlines opening night of the Philadelphia Popped Festival tonight of Johnny Brendas

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