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SMASH YR. HEAD ON THE INDIE-ROCK: Sebadoh Reunion, North Star, Last Night

BY SIMONE SECCI FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT I’m not going to hide my excitement about seeing live one of my favorite band since I was 14, that implicates I guess that I can’t be totally neutral in judging their show and also that my expectations about it were pretty big. First band I found in front of me when I got to the North Star bar is Bent Moustache from Holland. They are, I have to say, a very powerful and unstoppable noisemaking machine, growling and sharp bass and guitar on precise, loud and fast drums rhythms.

After a pretty long wait Sebadoh are finally on stage and it’s clear from the begin that the real star on the stage tonight is not the more famous Lou Barlow but the histrionic founder member Eric Gaffney and his great attitude of indie/punk musicianloubarllow.jpg dressed up as an English dandy directly from the ’60s swinging London. He?s perfect in everything, great when sit behind the drumset and a real frontman when he slings the guitar on and make fun of some really enthusiastic crazy fans that made me feel like I was in some arenas in the eighties in front of The Cinderella.

So most of the expectations were pleased? Answer is yes, but there is a little unsatisfied spot in me after the show that can’t help to be a little disappointed about the tracklist tonight, because yes was a very good show but I can’t really agree with the choice of not picking a single song from Bakesale which is in the majority of people’s opinion their masterpiece. Then the show would have been perfect but then it wouldn’t be Sebadoh. GRADE: A

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Simone is from Italy, Rome to be exact. As such, English is his second language and though he doesn’t always use it the “right” way, he usually gets where he needs to go.
[Photo by Simone Secci]

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