MAILBAG: ‘Not if they were giving out free cocaine and BJs’

The following was forwarded to us by a reader, along with the quote above:

Dear [Redacted],

I received your complaint this morning about our decision to convert the TLA into Thekill-the-hippies.jpg Fillmore Philadelphia.

Being a huge live music fan myself I can understand your attachment to the TLA name. All I can ask is that you give us a chance. This is not just a name change. We are putting hardwood floors in the club, changing the decor to reflect rock and roll history — and Philadelphia rock history specifically. We are bringing chandeliers into the venue. After select shows fans who stay to the end will receive art quality custom designed posters commemorating that evening. These won’t be available for sale anywhere and are just for fans who are at the show.

So why don’t you come to a show, either our opening on 4/27 or any day after that and experience all of the changes and renovations yourself? We firmly believe that the changes we are making in the club will make the live music experience a little bit better for fans and for artists.

Thanks again for your note.


John Vlautin | Vice President Communications
(:: 310.867.7127 / 310.867.7161 fx
*:: 9348 Civic Center Drive | Beverly Hills, CA | 90210

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