We Know It’s Only Rock N’ Roll But We Like It

SNAKE EYES: Slo-Mo‘s Mic Wrecka, Johnny Brenda’s, March 29 [FLICKR]

CITIZEN MOM REPORTS: A funny thing happens when Yr Mom and Boss Phawker go out to review a show together. There’s a foot-plus height differential at work, making it possible for us to stand three feet apart in front of the same stage and see two very different shows. For example, Thursday night at JB’s, the Boss’s elevation gave him a view of Mic Wrecka’s uh, mic wreckin’ and Sue Rosetti’s abdomen, while I got an eyeful of Mike Brenner, specifically, his feet. It’s actually a pretty groovy vantage point, as those feet, attached to the ends of his white-suited legs, tread upon his pedals slowly, purposefully, like the clutch of a good car. Those pedals set the tone for most of the band’s songs — the drumbeat and rapping go atop it, not alongside, as on “Country Girl” and “My Buzz Comes Back.” Frankly, I haven’t been to a bad Slo-Mo show yet and you won’t get anything negative out of me this time, either. OK, you need a high point. Here it is: “Cuidado,” aka the Phawker National Anthem, was da bomb diggity. GRADE: A

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