MAILBAG: Behind Blue Eyes


“Singer, songwriter, sad man”? [Actually, it said ROCKER, WRITER, SAD MAN--Ed.]
We could try and contemplate what kind of a fool takes a cheap crack a such
a decent, inventive and beloved man, but we can’t be bothered at this
moment. We’re mourning someone we loved. Whatever emotional deficiency,
envy, pathetic need or lack of soul brought you to react to someone’s death
in this way, you should know that Bruce cast a wide net and touched more
than his share of people. We remember his wit, kindness, talent and
humanity. Attributes you apparently lack.

We will be organizing a tribute to Bruce at the end of April…we’ll have to
rent a hall.

Catherine Lee and Francis Cratil
(PS…If I see you, your ass might be in a

Phawker Editorial Staff:
I was really saddened and disturbed to see your handling of Bruce Langfeld’s recent passing. The casual snark noted in comments such as “Sad Man” and “Sing, Goddamn! – Ezra Pound, Ancient music” is completely unnecessary and disrespectful to his memory. Since you have nothing original to add, other than an excerpt and link to the Inquirer, what point does this serve? The editorial snark here denigrates the memory of a great soul whose originality, wit and talent left its mark on many.

Laura Koepfler
South Philadelphia


Whoah, whoah, whoah! Bruce was a friend of mine. That wasn’t a cheap shot. That was meant respectfully — sad as in melancholy, not pathetic. It was a ref. to the Who song Beyond Blue Eyes. Bruce suffered from clinical depression. There is no shame in that. I knew him well enough to think he would have approved. Please don’t try to dictate how we mark his loss. And by all means keep us apprised of any public tribute, we will happily spread the word.

Jonathan Valania

PS FYI, that Inky notice was just thrown up upon learning of the news. Rich Kaufman is writing a rememberance and we will be putting that up as soon as it comes in.

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