HIZZONER ’07: Mayor Duh?

BY JILL PORTER “I’M NOT A dumb candidate. I just play one on the witness stand.” At least you’d hope that’s what Bob Brady would say after his disturbingly unimpressive court appearance yesterday Tuesday. The congressman was evasive and combative, and seemed clueless about simple financialdunce.jpg concepts. He proclaimed more than once that he didn’t understand questions he was being asked.

Brady testified in a hearing to decide whether he should be ousted from the mayor’s race, based on allegations that he omitted required information from the financial-disclosure forms he filed with his nominating petitions.

And you have to wonder whether Luzerne County Judge Patrick Toole was making subtle reference to Brady’s ill-informed testimony when he asked lawyers, after Brady had left the courtroom, whether the city charter set any qualifications to run for mayor.

“Any age requirement?” asked the white-haired judge, who infused the hearing with folksy humor and kept a fiercely tight rein on the proceedings.

“Any education requirement? IQ requirement?”

The answer: Obviously not.

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