Philly Pretzels Sent To War On Terror, Army Hoping To Render Taliban Sluggish And Couch-Bound With Warm Doughy Goodness

Some US troops in Afghanistan are getting a taste of Philly courtesy of a South Philadelphia soft pretzel company.

A picture of 13 US Air Force members in Afghanistan, armed with automatic weapons and softafghanpretzel.jpg pretzels, is now on display in the front entrance of Federal Pretzel Baking Company.

The general manager of the store, Richard Bezila, says he sent a box of pretzels earlier this month to Master Sgt. Larry Polettie of Delaware County (front row, left), who is serving in Operation Enduring Freedom:

“With it being a fresh product I had no idea what would happen.”

So did he take any extra precautions to help the pretzels arrive fresh?

“You really can’t, with it being a fresh product. We packed them the way we normally pack boxes that we ship, but what these guys did, they say, they microwaved them, they put the salt on them — and they were gone.”

The company got involved when a friend of Polettie contacted the bakery to say how much Philadelphia pretzels were missed overseas.

“An honor for Federal Pretzel to serve the guys that are serving us!”

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